Rieta Aliredjo

I direct my energy towards social ventures and collaborations that benefit people, planet and our collective prosperity.

I am an advocate for a doughnut economy where people can thrive within the safe and just space: between the social foundation and ecological ceiling. 

I specifically belief in the power of personal transformation and leadership for purposeful contributions to business and society. 

My Favorite Color

I like almost any shade of blue or green.

My Spirit Animal

The Platypus! Subject of my first presentation assignment at primary school. A discovery in the school library and fascinated ever since. Seen at Sydney Aquarium, but unfortunately never in the wild. Bucket list!
Get to know the Platypus

Food I Eat Daily

Fruit! I follow a vegan diet and try to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible. Bananas are a staple! My record stands at 12 bananas in one day.

Last Country I Travelled to

New York! Where I got the change to attend a few events during the end of Climate Week. Inspiration for CitySpheres

What am I reading now?

Zwarte Schuur - Oek de Jong and Governing the Commons by Elinor Ostrom

Some of my pastimes

Growing a Raya Yoga practice. Love watching US late night shows and stand-up comedy and sometimes I binge on Netflix .. any suggestions? Learning Danish and Bahasa Indonesia on Duo Lingo.


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